Some new thingies

"New beginning" Acrylic, inks, gels and pastes on stretched canvas. 17½" x 23½" x ½" Close up of texture.   "Going for a walk" Acrylics on stretched canvas 20" x 16" x ½" Close up of texture:


And flip …

I was moving things around over the weekend and 'accidentally' stacked my latest large painting the wrong way up.  When I stood back and looked at it, I realised that it is far more dynamic this way up and has more sense of presence.   There is something almost cathedral in the illusion of space.   … Continue reading And flip …

A luta continua … not sure about the victory part just yet.

So if you've been following this blog, you may remember that the previous version of my reworked canvas ended up like this: Yep, I also thought it was rather bland - thanks Nannus. I got stuck into it again today but had to stop because I ran out of time ... anyway, this is where … Continue reading A luta continua … not sure about the victory part just yet.


  "In the field" 10″ x 8″ Acrylics, Inks, collage, gels, gold foil on acrylic canvas board/panel. Close ups of texture: I've been in a bit of the creative doldrums since I returned from South Africa, artistically speaking.  Pottering about with clay hasn't really helped, it's just made me work small and that's not what … Continue reading Doodling