Some new work

Well, we have at last settled into our new house.   My painting space is very limited but I'm managing to scrape a hole big enough for myself and the paints ... the large one below [abstract seascape) was painted mostly outdoors, great fun that was in 32 degrees C, trying to keep the acrylics wet! … Continue reading Some new work


Oil Bars

Apologies for such a long time in posting any arty updates - been lots of family things to sort out lately, I'm quite exhausted by all of that, so let's get on with it hey? I discovered Winsor & Newton Oil Bars quite by accident and only have a small selection at this stage.  But … Continue reading Oil Bars

Another one bites the dust …

Surprisingly (for me ... well, it always is) ... I had a lot of interest in my Poppy painting and potentially it is now sold - pending collection.   Woop woop ... crack open the bubbly 🙂 "Poppies" 20" x 16" x 1/2" Acrylics on stretched canvas.