Mixed media

A new mixed media study:


16″ x 20″
Watercolour, inks, acrylics on stretched canvas

A bit o’ whimsy



From my own photograph.  Watercolour on paper.

12″ x 9″

Better paper and paints


“Woodland and ferns – from my own photo taken in Tyrrel’s Wood, August 2015″

12″ x 9”

140lb ‘The Langton’ NOT (Cold Pressed) Grain Fin watercolour paper.

Definitely easier process (for me) painting on a block of good weight watercolour paper. The paints are still not the finest you can get but they were the best I could afford and I’m liking the results.  There’s a lot to learn  – watercolour is such a unique animal but lovely to play about with all the layers.  I’m very nervous of overworking a painting and that can result in an ‘unfinished’ almost sloppy look … I’m going for impression at the end of the day.  If you have any hints or tips, that would really make my day!