New Small Abstract Works

'The Twins'   Both pieces are 8" x 10" x 1½ deep"  (or 20.5cm x 25.5cm x 3.5cm) Acrylic/metallic/oil paint, substrate of concrete and contractor's caulk on stretched canvas.   Textural detail


Marketing of art and ascribing value to a piece

All things are relative. That’s the first point of reference, I find, when it comes to putting a price to a piece of art. It ISN’T about supply and demand either, as many marketers would have you believe. It’s about concept and connections.   Many pieces of mediocre art are sold at astronomical prices because the … Continue reading Marketing of art and ascribing value to a piece

Work-in-progress …

I read a report in our local newspaper a week or so ago about an elderly couple who killed themselves in a pact that they made 30 years ago. The man was 72 and his wife was 66 – they had always said that they did not want to go into a nursing home when … Continue reading Work-in-progress …

New work – April – Colour and texture

"Kelp No. 2" Acrylics on stretched canvas.  The canvas was previously substantially treated with structural pastes and fillers, resulting in a heavy sculptural feel to the work. 24" x 18"  (or 61cm x 45.5cm)  approximately 3/4" thick.   Close ups of textural detail: