New work – April – Colour and texture

"Kelp No. 2" Acrylics on stretched canvas.  The canvas was previously substantially treated with structural pastes and fillers, resulting in a heavy sculptural feel to the work. 24" x 18"  (or 61cm x 45.5cm)  approximately 3/4" thick.   Close ups of textural detail:


New work – April

'Windy day at Caister-on-Sea, Norfolk' Acrylics, collage (silk material), effect paints on stretched canvas. 24" x 18"   Some close ups to show textural detail:

Abstract multimedia

  On the wall                                                                                            Close up of texture Small stretched canvas - 8" square. Materials: Pébéo special effects paints, irridescent acrylic medium, recycled plastic (heat-formed and painted then applied to canvas). I would appreciate comment, if you have the time, on any of the posts that you like.