Purchasing Info

I can accept payment via Paypal or EFT (electronic funds transfer).

I will send you an invoice with the full cost to you of the painting, including packaging, shipping.  Once I have received confirmation of payment, either from you by email or if I can see the payment is reflecting in my bank account, then I will immediately package and ship the item to you.    I will send you an email, showing a few photos of the packaged item, as well as all tracking information.

All shipping, packaging costs are included in the final invoice cost to you.

Packaging – Wherever possible I try to make use of recyclable materials for packaging.

Your item is securely packed and shipped to international standards

Original paintings cannot be returned for refund. 


All my original paintings come with a certificate of authenticity, which details the name of your painting, approximate date of creation, medium and substrate used and a short description.

My contact details: website address, email, mobile phone and physical address are included in the certificate


Absolutely none of your personal information is provided by me to third parties, with the exception of shipping details.


ART, writing and photography from Norfolk.

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