Brush pen work

I’ve been interested in brush pens, ever since I got the ‘greys’ set of Tombow pens for coursework a while ago. I obtained a Pentel Pocket Brush pen (comes with 2 refills) yesterday via uncle Amazon and have been fiddling around with it. I wonder if anyone else in my circle of WP mates use … More Brush pen work

River light

Inspired by a photo my grandson took on his holiday yesterday … they are in the Peak District. I was trying to go for a very loose style with the brushwork and lots of water mixed in with the paint. Acrylics on stretched canvas. 50x45x1cm or +- 19x15x 1/2″ Not for sale.

Some advice?

I was contacted by the curator of an organisation called ‘Edge of Humanity’ magazine a while back and was asked to contribute a series of images of my work for their ‘No Middleman Gallery’. I am so suspicioius these days of anything that may or may not resemble a scam but from what I’ve been … More Some advice?


I have set up a small shop here and will be adding selected paintings to it on an ongoing basis. I am pleased to announce that I sold two paintings yesterday!


I am in the process of setting up my studio space in order to produce some encaustic pieces. I will be working on these pieces next week. In the meantime, I have been concentrating on study work as well as a very large mixed media canvas that has kelp as its subject (more on that … More Encaustic

Gerda Lipski

I’ve been following this German artist on YouTube for quite a while now and many times I’ve been tempted to try out some of her abstract techniques. I decided to have a go this morning, after watching this video. This technique incorporates glazing, use of isopropyl alcohol, water drips as well as sgraffito. Ms. Lipski’s … More Gerda Lipski


I hope all the people who visit this site are keeping safe and not venturing out unless it’s absolutely necessary. I am working on my studies at the moment and have completed a few pieces that I like: Life is very different now but we will prevail. See you on the other side!

Oil Bars

Apologies for such a long time in posting any arty updates – been lots of family things to sort out lately, I’m quite exhausted by all of that, so let’s get on with it hey? I discovered Winsor & Newton Oil Bars quite by accident and only have a small selection at this stage.  But … More Oil Bars

Howdy …

Well I am settled and most of my art materials are unpacked.  I believe I am so lucky to live in such a beautiful part of South Norfolk.   I walk down our driveway and turn left, immediately I’m in a large wheat field.   Further along there are fields of rape seeds bursting with that … More Howdy …


I can now offer high quality signed colour prints of my work, mounted onto stretched canvas. See below example. Price on enquiry.  

Grounds … and difference each one makes to finished pastel paintings.

Yep, changed the theme is … not sure if people like this design, please let me know if you think it’s irritating and I’ll revert back to the old theme! I did a painting with these chalky soft pastels that I received over Christmas of a Norfolk windmill with storm clouds looming in the background … More Grounds … and difference each one makes to finished pastel paintings.