‘Monkey’s wedding’ …

Hey, I hope all of you who celebrate Christmas have a joyous one, filled with everything you need - like happiness, love, family and good friends. Christmas is not about the gifts, or the tree or the baubles and garish lights festooning so many houses at this time of year but you wouldn't think otherwise... Continue Reading →


Blue and Gold – what those colours really mean to me.

I have come to understand something quite profound, as far as my life goes at any rate - because as anyone who knows me will attest, I am nothing like profound in anything I do or say. In trying to understand why I seem to naturally gravitate towards shades of blue and golds in my... Continue Reading →

Back from Scotland …

I had an amazing time up in the Highlands of Western Scotland - this time to the Isle of Skye.  Photos can't do the landscape any justice at all.  I will be working on some small art projects in coming weeks, where I try and capture some of my emotions felt when being a part... Continue Reading →

Away we go again …

I don't ever believe in not having enough on your plate, which is probably why I live in a constant state of manic flux and/or depression, depends what's going on at any given minute. I have a large family, maybe that's not readily apparent from the posts on this ‘ere Art website of mine but... Continue Reading →

Opposites attract

I was walking the dog last week and came across my first poppy of the summer - i just love how electric the reds are set against the green of the grasses.  Hope you're all having a lovely summer (if that's your climate at the moment!)

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