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Howdy …

Well I am settled and most of my art materials are unpacked.  I believe I am so lucky to live in such a beautiful part of South Norfolk.   I walk down our driveway and turn left, immediately I’m in a large wheat field.   Further along there are fields of rape seeds bursting with that electric neon yellow.   On the morning walks with our little dog, all you can hear is hundreds of birds calling to each other, the hedgerows are alive with whirring, chirping and warbling.  (I refuse point blank to say twittering)

Once  all my stuff is sorted out, I’ll be posting more work – bear with me for a few more days!


A little more success

I sold three medium sized acrylic works this month:


In addition to the sale of above paintings, I was contacted by a very well-known art supplies company  via my Facebook art page.   They want me to try out and review a new brand (for me) of soft pastels, which they are going to launch on their website towards the end of February.   I will provide more information about that, once I’ve completed the assignment and the article is out there.   I should get the pastels today – so quite stoked about that.

And then, earlier this morning, I was given a commission!

Very chuffed with myself at the moment.



A successful weekend

Very pleased to have sold three paintings on Sunday to patrons who regularly support my efforts.   I’ve sold more work this past three months than in the entire time I’ve been here in Blightey  – quite a wonderful feeling.     I’m working on various things at the moment, not ready to post photos of them yet but I’m enjoying the new work.

I arranged to have one of my things printed onto canvas and it’s been shipped.   I’ve never bothered making prints out of my work before, so I’m quite excited to see what it will look like when it arrives.


It’s very important to celebrate successes, no matter how small they may seem to others.  I am really pleased to let my regular WordPress family know that in the past few weeks I have managed to sell (or am in the process of selling) 5 pieces that have been featured on this website.    One of my paintings has actually been purchased by a collector in the States and I am very chuffed about that – it was the first acrylic piece I did once we’d settled here in Norfolk.

Interestingly, for me, I am finding that the majority of sales leads are coming from my Facebook page, which is a surprise to me I must say because I didn’t think putting my art there would in any way generate sales but who knew!?

Thanks to everyone who  ‘likes’ or ‘follows’ this site, I am humbled by the talented artists who regularly drift past here and even more so, when they comment!

2017, for me, has got off to a very good start artistically speaking – hope it does so for you.

Onwards and Upwards 🙂