Available work

Hi all, I have mounted several pieces ready for sale, they are all exactly 14" x 11" (35cm x 28cm) and prices range from £19.00 to £25.00 - excluding packaging and postage, which is generally around £6.00.   Please note the prices only apply if you are buying directly from me via this website. If you … Continue reading Available work


Drabble #3 – update

I'd appreciate it if one or all of my wordpress pals would go to below link and vote for story number 44, title ''Scarecrow" httpps://www.writingwriters.net/p/drabble-entries.html   Very pleased to say that my story was fourth overall - I was just shy of 20 votes off the winning entry.  So thanks to all who voted!   … Continue reading Drabble #3 – update

‘Monkey’s wedding’ …

Hey, I hope all of you who celebrate Christmas have a joyous one, filled with everything you need - like happiness, love, family and good friends. Christmas is not about the gifts, or the tree or the baubles and garish lights festooning so many houses at this time of year but you wouldn't think otherwise … Continue reading ‘Monkey’s wedding’ …