A few words about me

I work primarily with acrylics and inks.  However, I also love soft pastels and oil bars/oil pastels on various substrate.

I am based in a small village on the outskirts of Norwich, Norfolk, United Kingdom. Acrylics have for decades been my medium of choice.  I am fascinated with texture both in the subjects I wish to convey and in the process of painting. Using various structure pastes, gels, inks and even construction grout in paintings is a thoroughly invigorating process.

I was asked to review Art Spectrum soft pastels for Jacksons art supplies and the review is here.

Applying the knowledge I have gained from using soft pastels into other mediums like acrylics and more recently, oil bars and oil pastels, has made a great difference in the way I tackle my work.

Thanks very much for visiting my site and reading my posts – I hope you find it interesting and of course, if you see something you’d like to buy, well all the better!

Please don’t forget to browse around on my shop – for home and personal products featuring reproductions of my artwork.

Cheers for now,

janice (482x640)

Janice Scott



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