A few words about me

I aim to capture essence, light and the emotion of a scene. I am not concerned with the minutiae of reproduction to create photo-realism. I want you to feel the place, smell it and touch it. I want you to be with me in that wild space and absorb its peace. In so doing, I hope that you will protect and nurture it, with a fierceness that is contagious.

janice Scott Norfolk. 2021


was born in Yorkshire but have spent the great majority of my adult life in South Africa. I am now based in a large village in South Norfolk, UK, where I have been since December 2012.  I have no intention of moving away from here, living in Norfolk is my best kept secret!

I am inspired by and seem to concentrate on depicting natural forms or elements of nature into my paintings.  I spent a lot of my life wandering wilderness areas when I lived in Southern Africa and I think being in those vast primordial landscapes (like the Karoo or Southern Drakensberg mountain range) has had a profound impact on the way I see light in the natural world.   I am entranced with the woodlands and forests in my (now) native Norfolk, there is nothing more glorious than the start of spring when all trees burst forth in a myriad of electric greens. 

I work with many different materials and techniques to create my works.  Monotype is a current favourite process of mine, however I adore using soft pastels. I also work with water-soluble oil pastels, encaustic paints, traditional acrylics/watercolour/gouache and water-soluble/mixable oils, inks and charcoals.

I am currently studying (in level 2) with the University for the Creative Arts towards a BA (Hons) in Painting, occasionally I may feature some of the coursework here. I have sold work in the States, South Africa and the UK and I thank my growing family of patrons for all the support they’ve given me over the years. I am seeking gallery representation.

Thanks very much for visiting my site and reading my posts. If there is anything you may be interested in purchasing, please pop me a message below!

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