A few words about me

I work primarily with acrylics and inks.  However, I also love soft pastels and oil bars/oil pastels on various substrate.

I seem to have a fascination with particular colours and their interaction with each other.  If you look at much of my work over the years, you will see that orange, gold, yellow, ochre, red and all the blue shades seem to dominate or feature heavily in my paintings.  It’s a colour relationship I don’t get tired of.  You won’t find, for example, many paintings that are monotone or muted pastels – my work exudes warmth and energy.

I am based in a small village on the outskirts of Norwich, Norfolk, United Kingdom. Acrylics have for decades been my medium of choice.  I am fascinated with texture both in the subjects I wish to convey and in the process of painting. Using various structure pastes, gels, inks and even construction grout in paintings is a thoroughly invigorating process.

I was asked to review Art Spectrum soft pastels for Jacksons art supplies and the review is here.

Applying the knowledge I have gained from using soft pastels into other mediums like acrylics and more recently, oil bars and oil pastels, has made a great difference in the way I tackle my work.

Thanks very much for visiting my site and reading my posts – I hope you find it interesting and of course, if you see something you’d like to buy, well all the better!

Cheers for now,

janice (482x640)

Janice Scott

Norfolk, UK




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