Some advice?

I was contacted by the curator of an organisation called ‘Edge of Humanity’ magazine a while back and was asked to contribute a series of images of my work for their ‘No Middleman Gallery’. I am so suspicioius these days of anything that may or may not resemble a scam but from what I’ve been able to see online, these establishments seem to be genuine. Has anyone in my circle of WordPress friends come across this lot before, could you offer any comment that might help me? The scope and standard of artwork in this virtual gallery of theirs is mindblowing, can’t imagine why they would want my stuff!!! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Some advice?

  1. I can’t be totally sure, but they seem OK , Janice.
    They have liked my stuff from time to time over the years, and replied to me once, I think.
    (Can’t remember what the context was, though: am getting a bit old! LOL!)

    1. Bollox are you old! That would mean I’m positively ancient and I won’t have that, not today. .. thanks so much, I am going to try and find some images then, who knows hey?

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