Gerda Lipski

I’ve been following this German artist on YouTube for quite a while now and many times I’ve been tempted to try out some of her abstract techniques. I decided to have a go this morning, after watching this video.

This technique incorporates glazing, use of isopropyl alcohol, water drips as well as sgraffito. Ms. Lipski’s techniques are quite precise and I tried to follow her instructional video as closely as possible. I didn’t use a large paper though for my painting, as I wanted to see if I could first get the concept down correctly.

Ms. Lipski’s finished painting looks like this:

This is a screen shot taken from the YouTube tutorial video

My process involved several steps:

I finally arrived at a result similar to Ms. Lipski’s, however I did not tone my work down as much as she had done. And I went over the ‘nest’ area with dark ultramarine/turquoise at the end, as my result was very faint. I again scratched into the surface – I used a cotton bud stem, as my spatula was too big.

‘ Grasses and nest’ after Gerda Lipski


I was surprised how the effects materialise, especially as a different wash of colour is applied to the underlying surface. There are only five colours used here – cadmium yellow (I do not have a good lemon yellow, which is what Ms Lipski uses), ultramarine, light violet, turquoise and white.

I think this post will make sense if you manage to look at Gerda’s video. Anyway, I enjoyed this little exercise.

Gerda’s website is here:

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