A bit of an update

I haven’t entirely given up on my own domain just yet! I am now getting ready to work on my final assignment piece for the third part of my Drawing 1 course through OCA. There are five parts to this course, so I’m more than half way through – which is encouraging. My tutor and I set very ambitious deadlines for this first course, in that I am supposed to have it finished by the end of this year. Looking at the course work for part four (mainly life drawing/figures and self portrait work) I think I may need a lot more time. Also, part five requires an in depth personal project and written element/artist statement – so I don’t want to rush through that either.

I have selected a few pieces that I’ve done throughout this course so far, that I am pleased with.

Assignment 1 piece – sequined shoes. Pencil/ Graphite pencil on A3 cartridge paper
Assignment 2 coursework – Monochrome study (in shades of green using mixed media)
Assignment 2 coursework – still life with colour (mixed media) – Eccles cake
Assignment 2 coursework – detailed observation study – tree bark (Pencil)

Assignment 2 – Goldfish and globe tank. Mixed media, including collaged fabric fish on A2 mixed media paper

Following are some examples of coursework for Part 3:

Anyhow, I’m off now to prepare for my next assignment piece. My actual learning log for the course is here.

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