BA (Hons) Painting

During my trip to South Africa for my youngest son’s wedding, I got to thinking seriously about my art and more importantly, my journey as an artist – where I had come from, where I was and where I was going.  I wasn’t happy with my introspection, I felt that I was regressing and stagnating.

I decided that the only way i was going to grow as an artist and individual would be to commit to improving my skills and not by doing the odd enrichment workshop or Youtube painting course.   It was time I got stuck in to disciplined formalised tuition and critique, so I started the process of seeking a course and higher education body to go through at the beginning of April.

I have wanted to pursue a degree in Fine Art since the Seventies but pressures of family life and economics dictated that this would never happen.  I decided this month that i owed it to myself to get going and sort it out, so I am beyond happy to let all my WordPress friends know that I am now studying the above degree through the University for the Creative Arts.

My course kicks off with Drawing 1 : Drawing skills and I will most likely be discussing this on here in coming months.

It might not come across in this post but I’m so excited I have to keep pinching myself!

(Yep this was my big announcement!)


(Yep, Onwards and upwards hey?!  Wish me luck.


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