Available work

Hi all, I have mounted several pieces ready for sale, they are all exactly 14″ x 11″ (35cm x 28cm) and prices range from £19.00 to £25.00 – excluding packaging and postage, which is generally around £6.00.   Please note the prices only apply if you are buying directly from me via this website.

If you are interested in any piece, please let me know by email and we can sort it out.


Please note:   These prices are for a very limited time only.  They are highly discounted – I am marketing this work elsewhere at a much higher price.   

Abstract patchwork landscape

Abstract Patchwork Landscape   – Oil Bars –  £25

Light before dark

Light before dark   – Oil pastels – £19

Mont-aux-Sources Drakensberg

Mont-aux-Sources Drakensberg – Mixed Media – £20

Abstract Pebbles

Abstract Pebbles – Mixed Media – £25

Trees and grasses

Trees and Grasses- Soft Pastels – £20

Boadicca's Tree

Boadicca’s tree – Oil pastels – £20

Happy Daisies

Happy Daisies – Oil Pastels and inks – £20

Pink Cosmos

Pink Cosmos – Oil Pastels and inks  – £20

Pink Cosmos 2

Pink Cosmos 2 – Oil pastels and inks – £20

Sculptured Rock

Sculptured Rocks – Mixed media with gels – £25


Coral – Mixed media – £20

Ancient Oak

Ancient Oak – Soft pastels – £20

Poppies near a fence

Poppies near a fence – Watercolour – £20

Scottish Loch

Scottish Loch – Oil pastels – £20

Summer Glade

Summer Glade – Oil pastels and inks – £25

Example reverse label

Example of label on reverse of each painting with unique title.


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