Introducing Two non-Art related blogs of mine …

I have been running a book reviewing blog for a while and thought it might make sense to link it on here, over there on my sidebar.   The blog is called ‘Bookish‘.   I’ve had some good feedback from authors and if you would like me to do a review of your book, please email me or comment below and I’ll have a go!  I also post supplementary reviews on Amazon and link to the authors webpage wherever possible in my reviews.  I don’t ask for any monetary reward.

I also started fiddling about with Flash fiction recently and have started a blog to post my offerings to.  It’s called ‘Flash Life Stories‘.  All these pieces are 500 words or less.  I’ve been fascinated with the super short story genre for a long time (talking decades here) and actually have been writing Flash fiction without even realising it since I was about sixteen!  The reason for that is I start novels, longish short stories etc. etc. and get 10,000 words in but don’t want to go any further.  It seems I have a very short attention span (duh) and so, the extremely short story does have an appeal to me.  I’ve also been working on 100 words or less stories and entered a couple of competitions, so might be asking some of my peeps here on WordPress to vote for me in one of them soon – you’ve been warned!

I’m working on a lot of writing projects at the moment, which has had a bit of a negative affect on my painting but I’ll sort that out in the Easter holidays (I hope).



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