Announcement – Launch of my NEW WEBSITE and SHOP

Hey guys!  Long time … and all that.  I am thrilled to announce the launch of my new website wherein I have installed a purchasing function via Paypal to enable my patrons to buy my original artwork direct from me.

Also I have teamed up with Bags of Love UK to open up my own merchandising shop, where I am selling quality products such as cushions, ceramics and other exciting quality items using my arwork as inspiration.

I hope you enjoy browsing around – here’s a quick overview of the pages and their content:

Invest in my Art

I have now created a page to view and purchase selected works.  The paintings are displayed according to medium used – so there are essentially four sub-headings

  • Oil Bar work
  • Soft Pastel work
  • Acrylic, inks and mixed-media work
  • Medium to Large format acrylic/mixed media works on stretched canvas.

I have provided as much information as I could, however if there is anything you are not sure about, please would you let me know?   I want this section of my site to be super easy for you to navigate.

Payment info.

I can accept payment using Paypal.  At this point I can readily ship to anywhere in the UK Mainland and prices on the paintings include postage and packaging costs.  The only exceptions to this being large format gallery wrapped stretched canvas works, which in most cases must be professionally crated and couriered.  For these, I would prefer to provide you with a current shipping quote.

All work sent out to my patrons includes a certificate of authenticity, which details the name of your painting, approximate date of creation, medium and substrate used, as well as a short description of the painting process used (if this is not readily obvious).  My full contact details are sent out with this certificate.

Work in private collections

This is a gallery of images of previous work I’ve completed, that’s been set free and is now living somewhere else.

Have your Art and eat it!

Art on a mug?  or a cushion? Shower curtain even?  Anything’s possible these days.  I’m really excited to partner with Bags of Love in the UK in order to present a selection of quality products utilising my artwork.  Please let me have your feedback on my shop!





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