I was very pleased with the standard of work on show at the local art exhibition I participated in this weekend.  My art was also given prime position at the show, something I wasn’t expecting and I was greatly encourage by that.   It was also nice to see other styles of art and appreciate that actually my stuff doesn’t look too bad!   The ladies setting up the displays all had really good things to say about my work.

I went to the show on the Saturday after the show opened and overheard several people making brilliant comments about my paintings!  It was so exciting.   Then when I went back today after the show ended, I met the organiser for the first time in person – I’d been speaking to her over email whilst preparing for the show, so it was nice to meet her face to face.     I was blown away!   She began to gush and speak in hushed tones about how much she wanted to buy the largest of my paintings and how she had to put it where it was, so she could see it all the time!    She enthused about it so much, I was a bit embarrassed to be honest.   Then she asked me to hang around until her husband arrived, so that she could show him and get his opinion on whether they’d have enough space in their house for it.

So I waited around but unfortunately it was decided in the end that they would hot have enough space ‘to do my painting justice’ (as they said), so sadly had to decline to purchase it.     I was disappointed but at the same time encouraged that this lady and her husband had been so interested in buying my work.  The price was right but they just didn’t have enough space for it!   Damn.    I’ve learnt a lot from doing this show, which can only help me with future exhibitions.  I’ve made valuable contacts, which was the initial plan anyway and even though I didn’t make sales, I’m happy with the feedback and response that I got from all the people who saw my art.    I’m on mailing lists now for future exhibitions, so I’m hoping my next one will be more successful commercially.

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