Abstract on paper – group

These are experiments with resists (vaseline), inks, layering



Mixed media paper  – small



Acrylic paper – A3 size

This one was an experiment using printing technique – so the paint is applied on another surface, then lifted off with waxpaper or foil and then printed onto the paper that I’m using for the composition.


“Field 2”

Acrylic paper – A3 size



Reworked “Tree”

Mixed media paper – small

Used to look like this:





5 comments on “Abstract on paper – group”
  1. luke610 says:

    Thanks very much M! I hope you are doing well this weekend.

  2. Your work always makes me wanna go try an abstract piece. Really beautiful and always love the colors and textures. The tree is really neat. I was thinking about trying a bird in a silhouette like that.

    1. luke610 says:

      thanks so much Laura … I’d love to see your abstract bird!

      1. Mine would probably be a bird in flight. Haha, I’d like to see it too. Thanks. 😎😬😊

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