Thoughts in August

Yeah, so I am pleased that one of my new paintings received favourable comment and lots of ‘likes’ – thank you to everyone who made it so.    I still don’t have a ‘studio’, even though the house we have moved into is very large, there isn’t a separate dedicated space that I can use for painting.    I am making do with what I have and that means that most of my new work is going to be done outdoors (not a bad thing hey?).   Problem with that, though, is I am living in South Norfolk … we have a lot of wind here and trying to hang onto equipment/canvas/chair/support all at the same time, can be a bit comical.  Maybe this will contribute to a smidgeon of whimsy entering into my work?

I have removed the page on this blog that advertised work for sale as I wasn’t maintaining it properly and this blog is the wrong platform for e-commerce.  I have found a venue locally where I may be able to get some work sold – so hold thumbs/keep fingers crossed for me.  I just need to get ONE painting sold in this area and my confidence levels will be restored.   Peace out.



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