Drawing 1 – course started

Well, I did it! I began my course during the first half of this month and working through the exercises. I will be Google Meeting with my tutor next week, looking forward to that, although a bit apprehensive, no idea what kind of information he's going to want from me but will have to just … Continue reading Drawing 1 – course started


BA (Hons) Painting

During my trip to South Africa for my youngest son's wedding, I got to thinking seriously about my art and more importantly, my journey as an artist - where I had come from, where I was and where I was going.  I wasn't happy with my introspection, I felt that I was regressing and stagnating. … Continue reading BA (Hons) Painting

Hedgerow and Barn

Did a painting over the Easter holidays, inspired by life at the barn where we were a year ago.  I am also fascinated by hedgerow life and conservation.  I used acrylics for this piece on stretched canvas.  To make the marks, I didn't use any brushes but potatos cut up to stamp the paint with, … Continue reading Hedgerow and Barn

Sweeping up, spring cleaning, moving the deck chairs … usual shite at this time of year …

I am having a huge clean up of all online accounts and sites that I'm on or have started for various projects.   This site is my own domain and will be kept going but will be edited quite drastically in coming months.    I am hoping to have some exciting news in the not too distant … Continue reading Sweeping up, spring cleaning, moving the deck chairs … usual shite at this time of year …

Available work

Hi all, I have mounted several pieces ready for sale, they are all exactly 14" x 11" (35cm x 28cm) and prices range from £19.00 to £25.00 - excluding packaging and postage, which is generally around £6.00.   Please note the prices only apply if you are buying directly from me via this website. If you … Continue reading Available work