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Yeah, well after a lot of yelling at myself, I decided to chuck the whole idea of selling art products, cups, cushions etc. etc. emblazoned with images of my art.    I don’t know why I got into that idea/direction in the first place??!  It doesn’t work for me and is not really what I’m about.

I will be moving into our new home round about the end of June.

In the meantime, here’s a nice mix of two tunes that I have always loved to bits – Massive Attack’s Teardrop and Sigur Ros’ Svefn-g-englar

New mixed media

There are many things influencing my outlook on life at the moment – some very positive (like moving to our own house very soon – yay, no more renting!) and others not quite as positive (like waiting to find out if we will be able to permanently care for my baby granddaughter – we will only know the answer to that one at end of July).   My youngest son is also now seriously making plans to move over to the UK to be with us all – so that thought is very much at top of mind all the time and I was thinking about that a lot when I started painting this abstract.   It was great to get back to canvas and something larger than the work I’ve been doing lately.

I used a lot of layers in this work, using inks mixed with structure gel and acrylics mixed with gloss gels and other medium.  It was a cathartic experience,  no matter what happens in life, family are the most important – at least they are to me.  And sometimes family comprise people who are not your blood relatives.  I hold them all close to my heart, they give me light …


IMG_1553 (1024x878)

‘No matter what …’

Acrylics, inks, gels, structure gel on stretched canvas.

69cm x 59cm or  27″ x 23″

View of the work on one of my easels:


Texture close ups  (lots of texture!):

This work is available to purchase.